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Mesothelioma Commercial Script, | Have you heard about the controversial mesothelioma commercial script? Some of you might not just hear, but also watch the ads on television. It has been a hot topic among internet users. Instead of sympathizing on mesothelioma patients, a lot of people give negative response. What trigger them to do so?

What’s with Mesothelioma Commercial Script?

Image entire mesothelioma commercial script

In general, commercial or advertising is an attempt made by companies or any other profit organization. The purpose is introducing costumers about a product a service. Hopefully, companies could also convince costumers on how they could help. This was the initial aim of mesothelioma commercial script. Unfortunately, it leads to negative impression.

For those who haven’t seen the mesothelioma commercial script yet, you might or might not try to find it.  Texas Law Firm made this 30 seconds ads, highlighting on several words. In the beginning, you will see “if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma full quote”. After few seconds, it changes to short explanation of the illness.

Things start to get ugly when a reddit account posted a question in the forum. The question is simple: “does the word mesotheliome keep repeating inside your head after watching ads?”. Surprisingly, there are lots of people reacting to this entire mesothelioma commercial script. As expected, most of them are not happy with it.

Then, another account start to make a sarcasm jokes, saying that alien might think human lives off their life using compensation money. The owner of this account also makes a meme using mesothelioma commercial script. Instead of copying, he adds picture to visualize what people might do after watching the ads.

Why Was Mesothelioma Commercial Script Hated?

Image mesothelioma meme copy and paste

It is legal for any business to promote their product or services. There is a problem though; an ad shouldn’t be pushing or urging costumers to do something, especially for compensation. It would be much better if people call law firm to get help after watching mesothelioma commercial script.

Image if you or a loved one mesothelioma copy and paste

Unfortunately, this ad makes people call so they could get personal benefit. Is this a good selling? Of course, it isn’t. If people could fake mesothelioma condition, they will definitely do it. Many people laugh at its presentation. Just look at how many mesothelioma meme copy and paste available on internet.

Is It Wrong To Make Mesothelioma Commercial Script?

Image mesothelioma commercial guy

The official answer for this question is “no”. Again, all business has rights and freedom to promote their specialties. In mesothelioma commercial script case, law firm just wants to gain more profit. Note that mesothelioma case is rare. Within a year, there are roughly 3000 patients among million US citizens only.

Image if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma full quote

In addition, there are lots of potential funding organizations. Each of them provide quite big sum to help the patients. Unfortunately, not all patients are willing to admit their condition and fight for themselves. Looking back at “if you or a loved one mesothelioma copy and paste” meme, law firms really do their best to make these precious clients out of the den.

Who Makes The Mesothelioma Commercial Script?

Image Mesothelioma Commercial Script if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be eligible for compensation

To tell the truth, anyone could make an ad. One simply knocks on advertising office; submit the plan and the commercial will be played on television. For certain ads like mesothelioma commercial script, the man behind the wheel is usually law firms. They leave contact number on the end of ad, so clients could contact them immediately.

Image commercial copypasta

Remember that not any attorney could be a mesothelioma lawyer. Not all law firms could win mesothelioma lawsuit. It takes experiences, deeper understanding on asbestos litigation and also great resources. Sadly, several ads are made by ordinary personal injury firm.

Could You Trust Mesothelioma Commercial Script?

You have learned that ads could be made by any law firm. Thus, it is important to double check their liability. Another thing to check is whether mesothelioma commercial script could provide clear information. After watching it, ask yourself a question: do I have more questions?

Since the beginning, mesothelioma is far from simplicity. It is a health condition caused by years of constant asbestos exposure. No matter who the mesothelioma commercial guy is, patients or family need to know more about this topic. Several questions might pop up immediately after the ads end.

  • Mesothelioma Lawyers?

Image mesothelioma vine

There is one thing that makes mesothelioma different from any other lawsuits. It starts around 30 to 50 years ago. Yet, the symptoms are showing recently. Thus, lawyer should gather evidence from the past. On this account, not all firms are brave enough to make their mesothelioma commercial script.

The ads take less than a minute, but what comes next is quite serious. Promising “if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma you may be eligible for compensation“ is not a light responsibility. One wrong movement and the chance are gone. In mesothelioma commercial script, you are asked to contact certain law firm. Don’t forget to ask for mesothelioma lawyer.

  • Asbestos Trust Funds?

Image mesothelioma ad actor

Most mesothelioma commercial script won’t include explanation about this term. Once you type “mesothelioma” in search engine, it will come out repeatedly. Long before asbestos restriction, companies and manufacturers use it in huge scale.

Once asbestos is banned in many countries, these companies file for bankruptcy. However, they still have responsibility to their former employees who got affected by asbestos. This is what mesothelioma commercial script misses. Trust fund is basically a funding organization established by asbestos company.

While commercial copypasta highlights on people reaction after ads end, trust fund supports mesothelioma patients financially. Although settlement might offer bigger value, lawyers still try their luck with trust funds.

  • Mesothelioma Lawyer Payment?

It has been mentioned previously that mesothelioma compensation worth million dollars. At least, law firms keep that in mind when publishing mesothelioma commercial script. But why does only little call back?

People who are not familiar with law, lawsuit and trial will have lots of doubts. They are reluctant to call the contact in mesothelioma commercial script because they might not have enough to pay. They don’t know yet that mesothelioma lawyers work on contingency fee.

They help patients to get financial compensation. Only after patients get paid, these lawyers will get their share.

  • Call Now?

People will understand why they need to call early on shopping offer; the discount doesn’t last long. What about mesothelioma commercial script? What would be at stake if patients call later?

Unlike the other personal injury cases, mesothelioma lawsuit is bond to statute of limitation. It is not mentioned in mesothelioma commercial script, but this term is still valid. In addition, each state has different range for mesothelioma lawsuit.

Another important consideration is mesothelioma survival rates. Patients won’t last long without professional treatment. At many cases, family couldn’t go to hospital because they have no money. Try to give law firm a call and see what lawyers can do.

What Are Some Truths Mesothelioma Commercial Script Didn’t Tell?

Image what is mesothelioma

Believe it or not, people often treat mesothelioma commercial script like any other commercial break; a promotion to sell services. For this reason, they don’t really care whether the ads are telling some truths or pure promotion.

Those who can relate with mesothelioma ads must have the illness or live together with patients. They are the real definition of “if you or a loved one mesothelioma quote”. Before giving a call, it would be better to check some truths the commercial tries to cover.

  • Deadly Cancer

Watching mesothelioma commercial script doesn’t make someone automatically learn deeper about it. Mesothelioma term is not familiat to many people, simply because this is not common health conditions.

Once someone has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, chance to survive depends on the patients. Unlike mesothelioma ad actor which sounds happy for receiving financial support, patients will be in extreme pain. All the medical treatments promise nothing.

They only help to prevent the cancer from spreading to other organs. Still, getting help from mesothelioma commercial script contact is essential, particularly for low income family.

  • Bad Work Environment

Declining health condition happens for reasons. It is either something patients eat or do. From mesothelioma commercial script, you will wonder which one is it. Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos exposure. Some mesothelioma commercial script includes this short explanation. The others, however, don’t have any.

You could say that repeated exposure for years to asbestos is the real mesothelioma vine. Sadly, companies know about this harmful effect and sometimes purposely neglect employee safety.

  • Veteran Patients

Even though people don’t understand what mesothelioma commercial script is talking about, they could sense that it can’t be good. Then, they natural reaction is denial, saying that this commercial is not about them. In short, they confidently say “no” to “Do you or a loved one have mesothelioma?“ question.

Stop right there. Ask yourself once again, especially if you or one of your family member is a veteran. Most clients who call after watching mesothelioma commercial script is military veterans. They were working with asbestos during their active duty. Infection place could be ships, boiler room or barracks.

  • Asbestos Transmission

Check again the mesothelioma commercial script. There is no explanation whether the disease is infectious or not. A disease is called infectious when it could affect another person. In mesothelioma cases, person works in asbestos environment brings back the fine dust with them.

What causes mesothelioma? It is the constant exposure. Family member who live together with asbestos workers has higher chance to get infected as well. Actually, mesothelioma commercial script tries to give a hint on this matter. Repeat the video once more. Remember when asbestos ad goes: do “you” or your loved ones have mesothelioma?

  • No Early Symptoms

No matter how deadly an illness is, regular check up is usually able to detect the signs. This doesn’t apply to mesothelioma. Even mesothelioma commercial script doesn’t mention anything about mesothelioma symptoms. Why? It is because there is none.

Once patients show any symptoms, it means patients are in late stage. Doctors or any health professionals couldn’t help much. Grab your phone and call the number in the end of mesothelioma commercial script. Do the favor to pay medical expenses.

Depending on patients’ health condition, doctors either help or end their lives. Several strong survivors could blow their sixty or seventy’s birthday candles. Some others have to bid farewell early. Thus, it is not surprising to learn that another mesothelioma pronunciation is silent bomb.

  • Death Rate

Mesothelioma case must be so valuable that many firms desperately push patients to call them. It is common practice to play different mesothelioma commercial script the whole year. Who are they trying to impress?

Approximately, there are 3000 mesothelioma patients in US. Using mesothelioma commercial script, law firms hope some of them will hit their line. Sadly, thousands of them passed away before getting any financial help. Therefore, family member of asbestos workers should learn and know better about “what is mesothelioma”.

What Are the Explanations of Some Popular Mesothelioma Commercial Script?

There are several reasons why internet users create meme. First, they are originally impressed with something. Second, they make it for fun. Last, they want to critic certain party. Mesothelioma commercial script belongs to the last category.

Thousands memes are surfacing soon after a forum discuss how the word “mesothelioma” lingers inside their head. They probably don’t know mesothelioma meaning. All they know is how annoying the ads are. Next time they type “Do you have mesothelioma?“ It comes as a joke.

Among thousand memes, there are several famous pictures. Every one of them explains mesothelioma commercial script in their own way. How are they different from one another?

  • Blurred Phone

Image mesothelioma survival rates

This is probably the first mesothelioma meme out there. It sparks creativity for the next mesothelioma commercial script meme makers. Blurred phone is chosen as the creator wants to highlight the most immediate action from viewers.

Watching the mesothelioma commercial script, people will get impression that they need to call immediately. Living with mesothelioma patients are seen as jackpot. Blurred images are picked to show how frantic someone will press those buttons. Quote on top of the picture is the famous commercial copy and paste. Is there any better way to show sarcasm towards lawfirm?

  • Baby’s First Words

Another viral image of mesothelioma commercial script includes a baby and his mother. On the picture, it is clearly shown that the mother is happily playing with her baby. She is holding her baby up, right above her head. The baby is cutely smiling, looking at the camera.

On the second part of this commercial memes, the image of the baby is zoomed. Previously, this baby is going to say something. His mother excitedly ask “aww, your first words?”. Unexpectedly, cute baby answer by quoting the opening of mesothelioma commercial script. It shows how babies hear those sentences too often. They even memorize it quickly and make it their first words.

  • Passing Notes

Image commercial memes

Not long after baby’s first words, internet users make one more meme. In this setting, creator wants to mock how mesothelioma commercial script is still funny even in serious setting. To depict his idea, he takes classroom setting. First part shows a student sitting on the back passing notes to the student in front of him.

Since it is a test, the student receiving the notes is hoping to get answers or formulas. However, his friend is the mesothelioma guy who just simply wants to make joke. On the second part, an angry faces is showing, accompanied with opened paper. As expected, it contains mesothelioma commercial script opening.

  • Hollywood Sign

Image sokolove law unum

Who doesn’t know the famous Hollywood Sign? It is a great landmark in America. Famous films were taken in this area. Thanks to the commercials made by sokolove law unum, Hollywood might consider to change its sign. Instead of “Hollywood”, you will get the complete opening of mesothelioma ads.

The reason behind this meme is quite simple. A reddit mesothelioma meme creator witnesses how this commercial tops the other ads. This is the result of his observation in American television. Even the main word becomes trending on searching engine. So, mesothelioma commercial deserves something grand, such as its own wording on Hollywood hill.

  • Doug Confession

Image mesothelioma commercial doug

Since advertising with words is too common, some firms are trying to give some real examples of helped clients. One of the most famous one is called doug. Many people find this mesothelioma commercial guy name funny. First, it sounds like dog. For your information, dog is known as loyal animal and does anything it is told to do.

Could it be that mesothelioma commercial doug is paid to share his experience? No one knows for sure. On the bar below, he is said to be family member of mesothelioma patients. Meme artists capture his commercial performance and add his first words “Hi, My name is Doug, I have mesothelioma”. Sentences that come after it are varied.

  • Game of Thrones

Image a girl has mesothelioma meme game of thrones

Image sources for meme could be from anything. Even when the picture has nothing to do with mesothelioma, people still find a way to pull a red string. For example, a girl has mesothelioma meme game of thrones gains big popularity. This image only has one part, with a full quote of mesothelioma commercial opening.

What makes it interesting is the character. Meme creator takes valar morghulis character. He is known for his face changing ability. This represents how people could switch their personality after hearing compensation even “if you or a loved one has died”.

Another meme from game of thrones includes an image of Daenerys. She is a ruler of his own people. The scene is taken after battle, all of her body is covered in dust. Under the picture, a quote to mock sokolove law tv commercials is written; when armor cannot save you from mesothelioma.

  • Fat Lady

Image mesothelioma meme fat lady

Sometimes people could do extreme things to get money. This is a message the creator wants to convey through mesothelioma meme fat lady. It just has one part, but strong enough to picture the points.

On the picture, a man is laying on the bed, wearing a cover on his eyes. On top of his body, there is a tag “you or your loved one”. Another character in this meme is a fat lady, who is proceeding to land on top of the man. The lady is tagged with “mesothelioma”. This meme is definitely a level higher than doug mesothelioma meme.

Could you image what would happen after the lady lands? The man will be crushed, as mesothelioma affects “your loved ones”. Then, you could legally claim your compensation with help from trusted mesothelioma lawyer.

  • Trump’s Order

Image mesothelioma lawsuit commercials

The current America president is known for his reckless political decision. Many of his regulations make people suffer. The recklessness of sokolove law mesothelioma commercial is portrayed well in this meme.

Several months ago, Trump signs a formal paper. He then showed the document to press. His facial expression is so serious.  Mesothelioma meme reddit changes this picture to fit the topic. The formal agreement is cleared. To replace the words, meme creator types the famous quote. Internet users find it funny, as Trump sign is still placed on the paper.

  • Vince McMahon

Image sokolove law mesothelioma commercial

Those who love wrestling must be familiar with this name. Vince McMahon is a popular wrestling promoter. He is a nice gentleman with great reaction. No wonder, he gets the honor to be one of the popular mesothelioma meme. Creator tries to match Vince’s reaction to the mesothelioma lawsuit commercials word by word.

First part is “if you or your loved ones”. Vincent reaction is not impressed. On the second part, his face is zoomed closely, showing his smile of interest. Second quote cut is “has been diagnosed with mesothelioma”. Third part is the punch line “you may be entitled to compensation”. Vince is shocked and even throws his head back.

It can’t be denied that particular mesothelioma commercial script promotes more hate than awareness. This ads covers some ugly truth and pain of the patients. In fact, watching this commercial makes people think that being patients are somehow beneficial for their future. Thankfully, people could now learn about the truth.


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