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Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP, | Nowadays, there are many mesothelioma cases happened because of the exposure of asbestos throughout the country. Over 30 years, Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP helps thousands of clients who suffer from mesothelioma to get the right compensation which could be useful for the medical treatments.

Law Firm Overview

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When the patient is diagnosed with mesothelioma due to asbestos exposure, the patient will need to deal with medical treatment options that will cause high expenses. The patient will need to have a lawyer who will represent him or her in the legal matters that understand regarding the disease, patient’s right and the settlements.

With Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP, the clients will always get the updated information about the case’s progress and options of the legal choices. The lawyer at Brayton Purcell LLP will effectively take care of your legal case and available to meet for the legal matters.

This firm has represented thousands of clients in all 50 states. Even though at this moment they have three offices: Brayton Purcell Novato California, Brayton Purcell Oregon, and Brayton Purcell Washington, but their legal practice extents around the United States.

Mesothelioma Meme isn’t Supposed to be a Joke

Brayton Purcell LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) sometimes mistakenly refer to Brayton Purcell APC (A Professional Corporation) has around 45 attorneys, a 220 supporting staffs and investigation team member. Even though there are rumours of Brayton Purcell layoff, but the law firm has a very good reputation of giving good benefits, encourage for healthy lifestyle, flexible time-off and nice casual work environment.

Mr Alan Brayton as the founder of Brayton Purcell LLP is a well-known attorney in the United States especially with the asbestos case and he is also an expert of asbestos bankruptcy law. Mr Gilbert Purcell as the counsel for lead trial and senior partner of Brayton Purcell LLP is considered as one of the most well-known trial attorneys in the United States. Both have excellent tracks of success in courtrooms.

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Other partners, attorneys and associates that work with this law firm have excellent backgrounds; David R. Donadio as the partner as well managing attorney of Brayton Purcell is a member of Consumer of Attorneys of California and Marin County Bar Association. He has been awarded as Super Lawyers from 2009 – 2016 from Northern California Super Lawyer. Richard M. Grant who is a senior associate has 80% appellate law in areas of practice is well known for his pro bono work.

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Moreover, Meredith Good Brayton Purcell is a member of the Washington State Bar Association as well Oregon State Bar. Her practice areas include Mesothelioma, Asbestos Litigation, Toxic Exposure, Civil Litigation, Trial Practice and more.

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Brayton Purcell verdicts for mesothelioma and other illness related to asbestos exposure were the largest, especially in Utah, California and Washington. The firm has helped the client to get the settlements up to multimillion-dollar.

What is Mesothelioma

According to, Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that is considered as an aggressive. Mesothelioma is caused by asbestos fibres which have been inhaled and stayed in lungs, heart or abdomen. Symptoms of mesothelioma usually will include chest pain, shortness of breath fluid around the lungs, fever or night sweats, dry coughing, weakness in the muscles and fatigue.

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To diagnose the mesothelioma, a doctor needs to do a biopsy. The doctor will also need to do other tests such as PET scans, X-Rays and CT scans to know the tumours location and the growth or progression of cancer or also known as the stage of cancer. The doctor will diagnose it as malignant mesothelioma if the tumours are cancerous and if it’s noncancerous, it will be diagnosed as benign mesothelioma.

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For the patient who is in the early stage of mesothelioma, there will be more options for medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. Most mesothelioma patients have around 12 months of life expectancy after being diagnosed.

The Cause of Mesothelioma

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Mesothelioma is caused by the exposure of asbestos. People who are inhaled asbestos fibres in the long period are highly in the risk of suffering of mesothelioma cancer. Majority of people who get mesothelioma are those who are in the military of blue-collar jobs such as asbestos-processing plant or asbestos mine workers, heavy industry or construction workers, electricians, plumbers, firefighter or shipyard workers.

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People who live in the area near the asbestos mine could also be risky to get mesothelioma. Nowadays, when the old buildings are destroyed to make new constructions, the surrounding area could be contaminated with asbestos fibres especially when it is done without any safety precautions and family members who get secondhand exposure from their family member who exposed directly to asbestos on a regular basis.

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What They Do?

Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP does the majority of cases about mesothelioma claims, asbestosis, lung cancer as well other illness related to asbestos exposure.

Besides this, the law firm also handles medical malpractice, patients who have damages because of medical drugs and devices as well other areas such as elder law and abuse, car accident, civil litigation, railroad accident, wrongful death, maritime injury, real estate law, personal injury, whistleblower claims, work discrimination and wrongful termination or layoff.

The firm with its slogan Attorneys helping people is dedicated to helping the clients to protect their rights as well to get the compensation for the medical treatments and peace of mind. To know Brayton Purcell asbestos calendar, you could visit their website and book the appointment for the consultation.

Firm Reviews

Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP has many good reviews which we could see from the testimonial in their website and other sources. Brayton Purcell reviews based on is 4.8 out of 5.0 from 30 reviews. Most of the clients are satisfied with the cooperativeness, courteous, and professionalism.

In Brayton Purcell website, we could find the testimonial of the clients who praise the good work of this law firm. They have helped clients who have gone to other law firms without any success. They also praised the compassion, respect, and all of the hard work that the firm did to win the case for the clients.

The dedication the firm practice has touch the heart of the clients, making them believe they can win the case and fight for their right. There are only positive reviews, which make solid indication that this firm is legit.

Brayton Purcell LLP Achievements

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The firm has won many cases regarding the lawsuits from mesothelioma victims including:

  • In 2017 Brayton Purcell Utah wrongful death lawsuit from the Ashworth family in 2017. It gave favourable result to the family.
  • A retired 81-year-old longshoreman who suffered from mesothelioma received a USD$ 24,260,000 verdict from A Machine Shop, Inc.
  • USD$ 70,861,113 verdict was given to a retired machinist mate and nuclear inspector from an asbestos packing and gasket manufacturer called John Crance, Inc.
  • A retired electrician in San Francisco got a USD$ 13,227,939 settlement
  • A retired brick mason in Los Angeles won a verdict of USD$ 1,979,228
  • A retired Plumber in San Francisco, California got USD$ 41, 273,421 settlement.

These last three cases were against a Kaiser Gypsum Company, Inc. which is asbestos-containing joint compounds manufacturer.

Besides these three cases, this reputable firm won over numerous important cases such as:

  • A verdict of USD$ 10.2 million for a retired paper mill worker who suffered from mesothelioma in Washington
  • A verdict of USD$ 8.4 million dollars were awarded for a Californian drywaller given from Hamilton Materials, Inc.
  • USD$ 18.5 million were given to an aerospace plastic moulder
  • A verdict of USD$ 33.7 million for a former electrician from San Francisco who worked in Navy and many other cases.

Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP court successes could be accessed on their website.

Awards and Honor

There are several awards and honours has been received by Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP.

Mr Alan Brayton as the founding partner received AV preeminent rating which is the highest rating that any lawyer could get related to professional ethics and legal skills given from Martindale-Hubbell.

Mr Gilbert Purcell as the senior partner of Brayton Purcell has received the honour from American Board of Trial Advocates as the youngest member in 2008. He was also selected as top 100 lawyers in Northern California.

Associations and Memberships

Brayton Purcell LPP has committed to their clients, justice as well community.

The law firm has actively taken part in various associations and memberships including American Association of Justice, American Bar Association, American Board of Trial Advocates, Consumer Attorneys of California, Accident Attorneys, Napa Country Bar Association, Primerus, The National Trial Lawyers, Lawdragon, San Francisco Bar Association, Utah Association for Justice, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association, Tobacco Trial Lawyer Association and more.

Mesothelioma Attorneys California Brayton Purcell LLP will always fight for justice for their clients. Despite the rumours of Brayton Purcell layoff, the law firm is getting stronger to help especially the mesothelioma and other illness related to asbestos exposure victims and family. For more information regarding their work, please visit their website


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