Asbestos Meaning in Gujarati: ‘Ghar-nasaad’

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Asbestos Meaning in Gujarati, | Asbestos meaning in Gujarati is an extremely difficult issue for many native speakers. This because they have a different dialect, different culture and different ancient and modern era history to this.

Asbestos Meaning in Gujarati

Geology: An asbestos is a crystalline form of silica, that comes from mineral. When it crystallizes, it becomes solid at its top and not easily blown away. It is used as insulation material in mining industries for long periods of time.

Indian culture: The word ‘asbestos’ which is related to Gujarati does not mean anything in a standard language like English. Many who are fluent in Standard Gujarati might be very careful about saying it, because it might be seen as a statement against this country or the country’s government.


Asbestos Meaning in Gujarati

asbestos meaning in hindi

Asbestos Meaning in Gujarati: ‘Ghar-nasaad’ is a long term form of expression. It is actually a shortened form of ‘Ghar-Ghar (Indus valley). So the term would mean, ‘The Indus Valley’The Mine’.

The Mines: To the Gujaratis, Gujjars, Mals, Mundas, Tharashvs, Rajbhas, Sikhs, Muhajirs and Tibetans, the word ‘Gujjars’ could refer to any caste. So to the ‘Gaviyas’, ‘Khusrachars’, ‘Mundas’, ‘Rajbhas’, ‘Tharashvs’, ‘Rajbhas’ and so on; the same would be translated as ‘Rajputs’.

The Natives: The Gujaratis, Gujjars, Mals, Mundas, Tharashvs, Sikhs, Muhajirs and Tibetans call themselves ‘Gujarati’ and yet, those who live outside Gujaratwill call themselves ‘Gothic’Northerner’. Thus the Nagas, Rakhis, Marwaris, Gorkhas, Persians, Sikhs, Tibetan and others are now calling ‘Rajputs’.

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Ancient Times: Of the Indian history, the period which has given birth to the Gujarati tongue can be described as one of the most important in the history of India. And, the Gujaratis were one of the major groups who contributed immensely to the life of the country. So we can find much evidence of their presence in every part of the country.

Modern Times: Their influence is felt in the writing in English. They have given India a wonderful character in both written and spoken form.

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Social, Economic and Political Issues: One of the most striking characteristics of the Gujarati language, especially in the daily use of the language, is the stress on the social, economic and political issues of the country. They have given a great insight into the workings of the people, a thing that we cannot understand with just the political debates which are a staple in the national political discourse.

The Importance of the Religion: A number of Hindus feel that the languages that are widely used in India (English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali etc) should be confined only to Hinduism. But the Gujarati language speaks to all sects and communities.

Understanding the Hazards: The Gujarati language, unlike some other languages, deals with some harsh realities. It is a language of extremes, and when one speaks of extreme that mean a number of things, such as: the worst, smallest, harshest and worst in the world.

So the overall question to consider is; what is the connection between the Gujaratilanguage and asbestos? If you have the power to ask that question, I think you might have answered this question already.

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