How Is Asbestos Made? The Easiest Way To Answer

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How Is Asbestos Made?, | One of the questions that frequently arises is “how is asbestos made?” this is not a question that is easily answered as asbestos can be manufactured in a variety of ways and all methods are harmful to the environment, or your health.

How Is Asbestos Made

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Before answering, I want to first explain what asbestos is. Asbestos is a man made mineral that was commonly used as insulation in the construction industry for many years. While still used today as insulation for homes and buildings it has now been linked to lung diseases and cancer.

The use of asbestos has now been outlawed in many countries and the area around where this article is being written in the United States is one that has a large amount of asbestos and no regulation on where it is present. You might think that once asbestos is outlawed in certain countries it is simply removed but this is not the case.

As I mentioned above the areas around the United States do not have any laws governing the removal of asbestos it is simply taken out by the companies that produced it in the first place.

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How Is Asbestos Made?

Is to realize that it is created through the heating process. In this case the most common form of production is in the U.S. and Canada, where thousands of tons of asbestos is manufactured each year.

Once manufacturing has begun, the asbestos is ground up and then melted down in order to produce the products we use every day from paint to insulation. From my point of view there are only two methods of manufacturing asbestos.

Inert blowing is when a hammer strikes the material with enough force to create a tiny hole in the material. Inert blowing can create air pockets that can be filled with the material to produce particles that are hard to remove.

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It is important to know that different types of asbestos exist and these are Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D. There are other questions that must be answered such as “what are the dangers to which we are exposed to and are there any exceptions?” and “how does the exposure to asbestos relate to lung disease and cancer?”

It is important to understand that exposure to asbestos, whether it is through the home or workplace, can cause lung disease and cancer. This is true even if it was used in the past and used only in small amounts.

It is important to remember that asbestos is very hazardous to the environment. The disposal of asbestos requires that it be disposed of in a manner that is safe and acceptable to the land-fills.

From my point of view it’s all a product of how you use it and the company that makes it.

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