Asbestos Tile Removal Near Me

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Asbestos Tile Removal Near Me, | Asbestos tile is a hot topic for home owners in the Las Vegas area. If you are facing the imminent removal of a tile floor, here are some things you should know.


Is Tile Removal Near Me Real?

Asbestos Tile Removal Near Me

The subject of asbestos tiles in Las Vegas is quite controversial. Many individuals will tell you that there are several Las Vegas contractors offering tile removal services for asbestos tile.

This begs the question, “Do these companies really remove asbestos tiles?” These contractors do not in fact remove tile containing asbestos; they simply have been engaged in an elaborate scam.

Asbestos Insulation Around Pipes

When homeowners contact a tile removal company, they are looking for asbestos tile removal services. But, most contractors turn around and say that they can remove asbestos tile for free!

A quick Internet search will bring up a wealth of information about tile removal in Las Vegas. While some of the information is correct, the majority of the websites are just scams.

Some of the companies involved in tile removal in Las Vegas have, in fact, used carpeting to cover the asbestos tile in order to sell tile. Consumers have fallen for this method, which is not allowed under the U.S. EPA’s regulations.

Another issue is that these companies are hiring unlicensed workers to clean asbestos from tile. They have been notified, by mail, that they may not be employed in the construction industry anymore.

Asbestos Tile Cleaning Have Become Easier

But, don’t take my word for it. Contact your state and local regulatory agencies for more information about tile removal service providers in Las Vegas.

In allreality, there is no legitimate tile removal service in Las Vegas that will remove tile containing asbestos. The only legitimate tile removal service is the company that was hired to remove asbestos.

I was recently contacted by a contractor who was trying to unload a load of asbestos tiles into his home. I was able to get the rest of the tiles out of the home with the help of a specialized, non-chemical removing machine.

While this did not go as planned, I was able to get the tile extracted from the property in Las Vegas. If you are currently dealing with tile removal issues, you should consider the results from this sample.

Asbestos Removal In CT Companies

If you are interested in getting your tile removed in Las Vegas, contact a tile removal company who has received proper training and certification. You should never hire a company without this information.

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