Attorney General Bill Barr to Resign

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Attorney General Bill Barr, | Attorney General Bill Barr should understand the pressures the media exerts on law makers. He should know that there are a constant barrage of threats and a steady negative response from the public when complaints are filed about a certain action or actionable practice by him. Attorney General Bill Barr is always under pressure to deliver.

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That pressure is manifested in Attorney General Bill Barr’s non-reaction on the current flooding in Texas, where large areas are still being swept away by the water. This is, needless to say, a big problem.


Why Don’t You Take The Advice Of Attorney General Bill Barr?

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As Attorney General Bill Barr tells it, “I was at my place of business at the time, doing some paperwork,” and he was not monitoring the situation in the area. In other words, he actually knew the situation was a huge problem and yet did nothing.

However, when confronted with a question on whether he was unaware of the recent flooding, Bill Barr responded with a qualified answer. He said, “I was unaware of it. I do know that our office is looking into what is going on. We’re working very hard to make sure that all areas of the state are safe, and we’ll be in touch with any citizens who have concerns about the flooding.”

Again, we ask the question, “What is going on?” He has absolutely no plans to make the flooding stopped until he hears from you. You see, your safety is of prime importance to him.

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That is the kind of tough-guy persona General Bill Barr has adopted in the wake of his assumption of the Attorney General’s office. His detractors, including Republican elected officials, have criticized his administration as too pushy and if the allegations are true, he is indeed a bully.

What is the difference between the two men? Is Attorney General Bill Barr going to take the advice of you take the advice of General Bill Barr?

Apparently, the answer to that question is that you have the power and you have the responsibility to make your decisions on your own, when you take your decision that you want to be responsible. You have the power to appoint a special counsel to look into the situation, so that you can have an independent investigator of this state government that will give you the truth on this matter.

Attorney General Bill Barr is willing to take the advice of you from all sources, including that of his sworn enemies. But you have to tell him what you are thinking, because you are the only one who knows what you want.

Please consider this, “He knows he can count on me to tell him what I think, and if he sends me something off that is wrong, I will do what is right and refuse to accept it,” General Bill Barr said. Now, he will tell you that he is willing to do that, but he also knows it is not his decision.

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“If it is not in the best interest of the people of Texas, I will not accept it,” Attorney General Bill Barr said. I see that and realize that you know what you want.

Please consider this, “He says he will get back to you and we will work out the details,” but if you cannot get back to him on your own, you have the right to call a special counsel. He will give you the advice you want and you will have the power to demand his own investigation when you have reason to believe that his investigation does not meet your needs.

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