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Attorney General Barr Press Conference, | Attorney General George Brandis held his first AG Barr Press Conference at Sydney’s Sydney Casino. There he announced that the Australian government was to provide all legal aid funding and take a swipe at Labor’s crackdown on debtors.

Image Attorney General Barr Press Conference

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Some people in the audience applauded and others booed, but nobody actually seemed to care what Attorney General Brandis had to say. This is understandable because in my opinion the Abbott Government has simply gone too far.

He told us that Australia is not a “lawless society” and he promised us that the legal system would not be overturned by the Labor Party. And yet here he is, the Attorney General, running his office in complete defiance of the law.

Attorney General Brandis came on our screens and said that the legislation and the Supreme Court decision to block the abolition of the carbon tax were not the Attorney General’s role. So he suggested that Australia must have a normal democratic government again, one who is accountable to the people for their actions and that the Abbott Government is fulfilling this role, albeit perhaps not in the way he might have hoped.


Attorney General Barr Press Conference – Are You Interested in Barristers Aid?

Attorney General Barr Press Conference

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During the AG Barr Press Conference he announced that it was not necessary to fund legal aid in the Federal Parliament. That is a brazen lie, a blatant deceit and the first two points that come to mind when we consider he has let this one slip through his fingers.

The carbon tax is responsible for the massive number of unemployed. It is causing people to lose their jobs, to have their hours reduced, and not only is it causing people to lose their jobs, but it is making some people think twice about continuing to work. We cannot allow those workers to be taken advantage of.

The carbon tax has caused huge damage and to me is not only an obvious case of protectionism, but also of Government overreach. The price of living has risen dramatically and everyone needs to see it. It is not unfair for the Government to implement the price increase with the same vigour that we implemented it.

There are others who oppose funding for legal aid, because they feel that only those who can afford it should avail of legal assistance. However, under the current scheme, those who can afford it, will still get legal assistance, in the same manner that they pay their taxes and make payments on their credit cards.

It is no coincidence that Australia’s first market legal research and consultancy company based in Sydney are solely dedicated to the idea of bringing more consumers into the market for legal advice. Under the current legislation, most people who do receive legal assistance will be paid very little for their service. Only if the customer makes an application for legal aid, will the true cost of legal assistance be reflected.

If the Attorney General gets his way, there will be no Barristers Aid funding. If you cannot afford legal advice or assistance, that is your own business decision and that is fine.

When the economy starts to pick up and people are back in work, then there will be a resurgence of demand for Barristers Aid. With more people in employment and in better situations financially, demand for legal advice will rise.

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If you are finding it difficult to survive financially these days, I encourage you to look into Barristers Aid. You may be surprised to learn how much of your income is covered by this government funded program.


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