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Attorney General Barr, | Attorney General Barr is a complex play to review. The first half is where the plot unfolds, and it’s full of peril. The second half doesn’t advance much, and it feels incomplete to me.

It’s best to start with Barr, the main character. As you might expect, he’s from Wisconsin. He also happens to be an alcoholic, in denial about his problems, and lacking in all other qualities we expect in our Attorney Generals. No, Barr is just a job that someone assigned to him got for him.

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Since the man is unable to see himself in any of these, Barr is incapable of doing any work of any kind. It’s not until he’s diagnosed with amnesia does he come to realize his problem. And by then, it’s too late, as most of the real action takes place after he becomes Attorney General Barr.

The acting is great. Except for the scenes when Barr is reading a paper to his staff. No point in watching someone read. These are a lost opportunity for animation.


A Review of Attorney General Barr

Attorney General Barr

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New York Times best-selling author Edan Lepucki has done a wonderful job of creating New York Times Best-Seller Attorney General Barr. He has a witty writing style, and is clearly able to be funny.

It’s also clearly a novel for people who are already familiar with the legal system. This is a great insight into how to go about creating this kind of thriller, as the Attorney General can’t do anything to stop the crime.

But there are some new and familiar faces who are also part of the action. One of them is Jeff Blanchard, another one is Amelia Williams, and I’m pleased to say that my favorite character is not Jamie Sullivan, but Tena Avyan. It’s my understanding that she’s a journalist, and you get to know more about her when she discovers that she has been poisoned, by someone she thinks is a friend.

You can see why this is something to look forward to, as that’s the most interesting scene in the novel. Another is the big shootout in the courthouse. This may be a turn off to some people, but I thought it was well-done.

The ending, however, isn’t much better. The prosecutor that Barr tried to prosecute escapes, and is able to use his police contacts to find out who Barr really is.

A few people have died, including the young woman who became Barry’s wife. It’s left as a question: was Barry the killer, or the victim?

My contention is that he was the victim. A good summation of the theme would be to say that he survived only by coincidence. But that’s only true if you think that random means that you get lucky.

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The ending in Attorney General Barr makes me worry for Barr’s future. The fact that he hasn’t been able to stop the murderer leaves a lasting impression on those who knew him. But it’s also left him mentally damaged.

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