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General Spanish, | Is Attorney General Of Spanish Speaking Background Responsible For Recent Scam Reports About Spam On The Internet?

In my home state of Texas, there is currently an Attorney General of Spanish speaking background, and he or she has received positive attention for his or her role as “the spokesperson for Hispanic Texans.”

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Now that’s an interesting title. I wonder if he or she has been tapped to lead an investigation into the proliferation of scams surrounding Spanish-language learning online?

Attorney General Spanish

I am a native Spanish speaker and a practicing attorney who speak fluent Spanish as well. The Attorney General of Spanish speaking background is talking about the challenges associated with scams around Spanish online learning, which I think are valid.

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I myself work as a Spanish translator. And that has to be somewhat problematic, since online Spanish is not my native language, and I cannot afford to give up my current job and let myself go to learn another language.

But as I am aware, the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background is trying to do something to help the many bilingual Texans, and he or she is doing this through the operation of the “TECHNICA” program. It is a teaching Spanish program that gives low-income students, many of whom are bilingual, free online training.

It is part of an effort to provide free training for students who need it, as well as workers who need it, that addresses learning disabilities, college readiness, and skill acquisition. The Attorney General is attempting to solve what could be called the “English-first problem.”

A few years ago, the Attorney General gave a speech in which he talked about English-only laws. I think he was joking, but it is a little too late now. Yes, I am serious about this as being one of the causes of barriers to learning among minority groups.

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And he got a lot of press for it, including the article quoted below in a national news outlet. He seems to have been trying to do something, but he probably did not get much help from Hispanic legislators in Texas. Perhaps he will try something more meaningful now, when they are interested, to change the language laws.

It is true that not all Hispanic speakers can speak English fluently, but it is also true that not all Spanish speakers can speak English fluently. Many don’t speak English very well, and I am not saying that English isn’t one of the world’s most important languages.

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In that case, some students who do not wish to become high school dropouts, may want to try the Internet to learn Spanish. It is better than nothing, but it may not be much use to a majority of Hispanics, who often do not have access to the Internet. Sooner or later, I expect that these issues will be addressed in some fashion.

Perhaps, just maybe, the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background will get the attention he or she deserves and lead an investigation to see if the proliferation of scams around Spanish online learning is because of an overuse of computer technology. It seems possible.

In any event, the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background is doing his or her part to keep “techies” like me out of Spanish. And that is unfortunate.

I think that the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background is helping himself, and others, learn English. I also think that the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background is helping the Hispanic community, and all Americans, learn English fluently.

I hope that the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background will use his position to learn Spanish as well, because that is how he earned his education. And he is also just as much of a resource for me as he is for those whose English is not as fluent as mine.

Indeed, I appreciate the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background. I appreciate his efforts to help everyone learn English fluently. And I also hope that the Attorney General of Spanish speaking background makes a success of his efforts to protect minority groups from becoming the victims of scam and fraud programs that are likely to be introduced in this century.

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