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The ohio attorney general.gov/services/collections/ror, asbestosdefinition.com | The Ohio Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/Ror is your one-stop source for locating information on the office of the Ohio Attorney General, including state resources, statutes, and other local activities.

Ohio Attorney General.Gov/Services/Collections/Ror
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Whether you need information on a specific issue, need to send a message or want to get information about a specific lawyer, the Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/R is an invaluable resource.

Each year, the Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/R receives millions of requests for state information. Many of these requests are in response to media inquiries and others are for various reasons such as updating a public record database.

The Office of the Ohio Attorney General can assist you in finding what you need and help you file the necessary records with the state.

Resource CDs: These are specially formatted discs that you can insert into your computer to find what you need quickly and easily.

The discs contain searchable databases which provide information on important public records including criminal history searches, marriage records, child custody decisions, death records, and many other types of records.

Information Is the First Step: The Ohio Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/R has several databases that can help you locate vital records. In addition to the statewide resources, there are databases for different types of documents such as marriage records, death records, and divorce records.

Vital Records: This statewide database contains information on births, deaths, marriages, divorces, adoptions, deaths, and more. It also provides information on missing children, public documents, and criminal history searches.

State Library System: The state library system contains resources for researching everything from divorce records to marriage records. If you need information from a legal proceeding, a death, or a missing child, the state library system can help you.

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Case Files: Case files contain some of the most recent and significant documents related to public issues. The case files will allow you to access your records as quickly as possible, which is often the case when you need the records right away.

Law Library: The law library provides online access to hundreds of attorneys, legal organizations, and law offices. You can also use the libraries to get additional information on public record databases and the legal system.

State Law Library: The state law library provides information and resources on public record systems. It contains statewide and regional databases which contain public information such as birth and death records, criminal history, divorce records, and birth records.

Other Records: Ohio Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/R also provides other public records, such as birth, death, and marriage records. You can also use the website to find out about adoption, court, criminal, and juvenile records, and county information.

Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/R also contains a large number of resources for those who need to access the most current and accurate public records. For example, you can obtain information from the federal government such as criminal history checks, driver’s license history, and voter registration history.

Ohio Attorney General.gov/Services/Collections/Ror also provides a great deal of information for non-profit organizations that need to know the most current public records. This includes background checks on directors, officers, and board members, as well as additional legal and accounting information.

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