Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure in Dogs

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Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure in Dogs, | Symptoms of Asbestosis in dogs will include a variety of signs. They range from mild to severe depending on the amount of asbestos exposure. The symptoms are an indication that the disease is present.

Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure in Dogs
Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure in Dogs By

The signs will include redness, swelling, pain, and even small hairs falling out. The symptoms will vary depending on the amount of exposure the dog has had to asbestos.

What Are Asbestos Exposure Symptoms

The first sign is typically an allergic reaction. Some skin conditions are an indication of Asbestosis in dogs. It will include a rash.

Another symptom is a red irritated rash or skin, which will cause the dog’s eyes to run and have discomfort. This will usually occur around the eyes. This will also include redness around the dog’s ears.

There are several other common symptoms. These include excessive scratching of the body, breathing issues, swollen eyelids, and coughing. There is also difficulty in breathing, especially for the dog.

Symptoms of Asbestosis in dogs will vary. There are a few common signs that all dogs will have. Many of these are the same as the symptoms of Asbestosis in humans.

Diarrhea is a common symptom. It may also include lack of appetite and weight loss. This will cause the dog to be less active. It will also make it difficult for the dog to eat.

Canines will also experience high or low blood pressure. There will also be increased difficulty in breathing, and heart attacks. They will also experience heart palpitations.

Symptoms of Asbestos Cancer

The nerves in the spinal cord, which are responsible for movement and balance, will be affected. The nerves can become damaged, which will cause the dog to be ill.

There will also be physical problems such as respiratory problems, diarrhea, bleeding, and swollen joints. There will also be problems with walking, which will affect the dog’s ability to move around.

Symptoms of Asbestosis in dogs will include enlarged lymph nodes, which may become large or have symptoms like anemia. A white blood cell count will increase in some cases. It will also cause a decreased rate of metabolism.

The symptoms may seem like a dog is ill but there is no cause for alarm. Most of the time the dog is just young and has a genetic predisposition. These can range from being able to contract the disease to not having any symptoms at all.

While symptoms may vary from one dog to another, the symptoms should be monitored by a veterinarian at all times.

The Price Of Asbestos Removal

Even if it does not turn into Asbestosis in dogs, this disease can still cause the same symptoms. It is important to keep up with your dog’s health to ensure you are not allowing the disease to get out of control.

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