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On behalf of a client of mine, I am going to share some of the facts in an e-mail correspondence with Dr. William H. Hughes and Dr. Richard Coleman of the Dr. Mary T. Hughes Medical Group. The client and I recently had a personal experience with Hughes and Coleman.

Hughes and Coleman Medical Malpractice

The client of mine had just gone through a major operation for a procedure which required a large amount of blood.

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In the event the client would have had to go home, as it would have been critical in treating any infection to the hospital, he was still very much conscious. Therefore, we were not concerned that he would be totally unconscious.

After the surgery, the patient had shown all the signs of improvement. However, he was extremely tired and nauseous. Because of his constant fatigue, his doctor requested him to remain awake during the operation, but to put on a full night’s sleep to be safe.

As far as the operation goes, the client and I never knew if it would be successful. Since the operation would only take a few hours, we figured it would be well worth it to be overjoyed for our friend’s long awaited recovery.

The next morning, the operation went without a hitch, the patient woke up and was able to breathe again. In fact, he was able to speak and respond to his physician and nurses with full vigor.

During the surgery, the patient was nervous and his mind was in a difficult time. He said he did not know if he would be able to walk out of the operating room, or even to make it back home. Although we did not know it at the time, this was a dangerous occurrence and a potential medical malpractice case.

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Hughes and Coleman Medical Malpractice By

We also did not know that since the operation was not successful, it would be more difficult to prove a case of medical malpractice.

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So, we asked the doctors at the hospital if they could provide us with a signed note from the surgeon stating that the operation was unsuccessful.

But the doctors from Dr. Coleman and Dr. Hughes refused to produce this document. Not only did they refuse to produce the surgeon’s statement, but they went on to claim that the operation itself was successful.

Upon searching for a paper trail, Dr. Coleman finally provided a medical report, which claimed that the operation was unsuccessful. According to this report, the surgeon was unable to perform the surgery because the operating room floor was wet due to the poor drainage system at the hospital.

However, Dr. Coleman and Dr. Hughes agreed that the operation was unsuccessful and therefore it should be marked as a success. However, it would be very difficult to show that the operation was not successful. In addition, no one, including the doctors at the hospital, from which the patient received the surgery, was willing to show the surgeons how to use the poor drainage system.

For the next ten days, the patient was treated by a pediatric nurse practitioner, who then sent him to a part-time nurse, who then sent him to a part-time clinical pharmacist, who then sent him to a pharmacy owner.

At each stop, the patient would complain that his complaint with his physician was not being taken seriously, but he was told “we will look into it later.”

After the fifth failed attempt, and after the case went to litigation, Dr. Coleman and Dr. Hughes filed a motion to dismiss in court. Although this was not what we wanted, we have to admit that the judge seemed less inclined to look into the facts of the case.

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Dr. Coleman and Dr. Hughes even claimed that the plaintiff himself would have approved of the surgery and it should have never gone to litigation.

Therefore, as the client in question, we are seeking a lawyer with experience in medical malpractice cases, and who will use a very good judgment to not to allow this type of case to continue for long. long.

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