Hughes and Coleman Complaints

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Hughes and Coleman Complaints, |How a Lawsuit Company Used Hit Piece Articles to Their Advantage.

The letter from Bob Hughes and Brad Coleman was an eye opener for me. I had heard of Hughes, but had never seen his face or read his emails and complaints. But the accusations that he leveled at Coleman and his partner I found to be a complete mischaracterization of their business practices. I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I decided to check it out.

Hughes and Coleman Complaints

There were many criticisms of Coleman, and some of them were actually true. However, it was the fact that the complaints were made by someone with a vested interest in keeping Coleman’s business going that convinced me to do my own research.

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I hope I have been able to help you understand that taking action against those who make false accusations against businesses is the smart thing to do.

So let me get you up to speed on how this all came about. You see, in the last year, Brad Coleman had spent time working with several companies to help them save money.

He was trying to help the company because it was one of his clients. At the same time, he also became a consultant to the company that was suing him.

They were working in different areas of the world and he was helping them with training and so forth. If that was not enough, they would also help with payrolls, taxes, and all sorts of other financial issues.

The allegations made by Hughes and Colemans included several complaints about the employee scheduling, payroll, taxes, the loss of clients and others.

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In short, they claimed to have so much to learn about what they were doing, they simply didn’t have time to be earning the salaries that they were earning in the earlier years.

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In fact, one of the key complaints, which I mentioned earlier, was that the employees didn’t have enough time to spend with their families, thus they were not doing the job correctly. Once Hughes and Coleman realized that this was not the case, they started leveling the playing field between them.

It all seemed to work out well for them because they were now suing both Coleman and his company. And so for the past year they’ve been doing all sorts of dirty work trying to bring down their business.

Since Hughes is also going after his client who he accuses of being negligent in helping their client, they may actually be trying to get a second wind at stopping Coleman. So I really have to ask if the lawsuits are just a way to get additional jobs for themselves.

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Another point that I did find concerning the lawsuits was that a great deal of the work that he was doing to help these lawsuits was on a contract basis. He would do the accounting and all of the hard work himself, while he gets paid to provide advice and counsel to his clients.

He continued to file lawsuits while he provided all of the legal advice for his lawsuits. All the while, he was able to keep the best people on his payroll and keep them working for the company he represented.

It may be true that his company is fighting him all the way to the Supreme Court, and one has to wonder if their income is still good for them. But perhaps they might benefit from learning from what these two men have done.

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