Child Support Lawyers In Ga For Fathers

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Child Support Lawyers In Ga For Fathers, | Child Support Lawyers in Georgia – Tips For Fathers Trying to Pay Child Support.

Child support lawyers in Georgia can help dads who are having trouble making child support payments. Dads who are awarded child support payments are required to make the payments until the children outgrow their custodial rights. It’s a really tough situation for any dad, but it is even tougher for a father who has been ordered to pay child support by the court.

Child Support Lawyers In Ga For Fathers
Child Support Lawyers In Ga For Fathers By

Even though it may seem like a very easy thing to do, if you’re ordered to pay child support payments by the court, then you have to wonder about the wisdom of doing so. In the U.S., fathers who fail to make child support payments can be sued for back child support and can be imprisoned for contempt of court. If this sounds frightening, imagine how horrible it is if you fall behind on your child support payments.

At this point, many dads who need to know more about child support laws are flummoxed. The answer to this dilemma is to turn to a Georgia child support lawyer to help sort through the laws that govern this complex area of child support.

The first step to dealing with child support is to understand what your obligations are under Georgia law. The way that Georgia’s child support laws work is that the father is expected to pay to support his children until they are grown.

The state recognizes that both parents have an obligation to care for their children, but the parent who has custody of the children becomes the non-custodial parent. All parents must make child support payments to this custodial parent.

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It’s a common practice in Georgia to refer to custodial parents as the father and mother. When a father is not paying child support he can ask for an order that his name be removed from the custodial list. The courts have recognized that there are a great number of non-custodial parents who want to reclaim custody of their children. To help solve this problem, Georgia changed its child support guidelines to give non-custodial parents who seek custody more of a say in the matter.

Even though Georgia now recognizes that non-custodial parents can make child support payments, most parents still fall into the category of being ordered to pay child support payments. Fathers who believe they are the custodial parent should contact a Georgia child support lawyer to learn how to deal with the system and to build a solid case.

If you believe that you are the custodial parent, then you should keep a few important facts in mind before contacting a Georgia child support lawyer. First, the child support lawyers in Georgia will tell you that you have a legal right to make the payments, but you don’t have a legal obligation to do so.

If you take advantage of the law that allows you to make child support payments, you’ll have the opportunity to have the legal backing of the courts if the custodial parent comes after you. You’ll also have the opportunity to avoid the embarrassment and social stigma of jail time associated with contempt of court.

In addition, most states don’t allow for fathers to receive child support payments unless the custodial parent agrees to it. If you have been ordered to pay child support, the best way to resolve this is to find a lawyer who has experience in the area and asks the questions you didn’t think of when you were ordered to pay child support.

Child support lawyers in Georgia are well trained in matters relating to child support and custody and can often get their clients out of a custody battle by arguing on your behalf. Contact one of the Georgia child support lawyers in Georgia today to discuss your child support situation.

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