What Does Asbestos Tile Look Like

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What Does Asbestos Tile Look Like?, asbestosdefinition.com | A question I’m asked quite frequently is; “What does asbestos ceiling tile look like?” I’ve had friends who’ve had their own home remodeling project with asbestos in their attic and have begun to think about whether the tiles were enough to detect. The tile itself is made of this material but unfortunately most people think that the actual ceiling is a bit of a problem.

What Does Asbestos Tile Look Like
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What exactly is this substance? Asbestos is a form of a mineral called chrysotile and can be found in ceiling tiles and other types of construction materials. Though this mineral was originally used in the building of buildings, it’s also now widely used in the manufacture of roofing materials, paints, varnishes, and several other materials.

Asbestos is thought to cause many health problems, including cancer. To cut down on the amount of chrysotile dust in the air and home, asbestos was easily and inexpensively removed from construction materials, and many things like building materials containing chrysotile are still illegal to dispose of. In fact, under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, it is illegal to work with asbestos or even come in contact with it.

Asbestos Lung Cancer Treatment

How does asbestos make you sick? Asbestos is a deadly chemical that can easily enter your body by breathing in particles as you move around in a room. If your house has such a flooring system in place, the chances of contracting cancer of the lungs and stomach increase.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly the microscopic asbestos fibers look like. If the fibers are broken down and flake off, they can resemble dirt on your hands.

So, what does asbestos ceiling tile look like? They look like tiny flakes of brown powder. Some materials, including wood and concrete, cannot be cleaned up from contamination alone, so there is a far greater risk of contracting cancer from such tile.

You may be thinking that Ariel mosaic tiles may look different because they are not made out of this material. Well, this can be true too. It all depends on what materials were used and whether or not the tiles were kiln-dried.

Under a federal law in Massachusetts, asbestos should not be used in furniture, carpeting, or in items that can get burned. Cedar, fir, oak, and pine should be avoided as well. Generally speaking, the only tile that should be thought of as asbestos-free is stone and slate.

So what is the solution to this dilemma? You will want to research what types of products are still in use today, but you may find that the best option is an eco-friendly solution that is recommended by the EPA. Terra-Cotta brand products are still available, though they may not be created from the soil contaminated with asbestos.

Ariel mosaic tiles are manufactured using recycled or reclaimed material that would be considered “bio-degradable.” Bios-degradable products are environmentally safe and not considered to be an inherent hazard. There are many asbestos-free tile products on the market, including stone, granite, slate, corian, and terra-cotta tiles.

If you’re hesitant about using Ariel mosaic tiles in your home, I encourage you to do more research. Some tiles made with recycled material are incredibly beautiful, particularly since they are available in large size. Be aware, however, that “aged” tiles can still be highly dangerous. Hopefully, this article has helped answer the question of “what does asbestos ceiling tile look like?” Once you know how asbestos tile looks, you can hopefully take that information and make the appropriate choices for your home’s flooring. There are many flooring products made from recycled materials that are safe for indoor use and safer than any tiles from old homes may be.


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