Asbestos Floor Tiles Broken – Do I Have To Replace?

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Asbestos Floor Tiles Broken – Do I Have To Replace My Broken Tile?, | Many different situations will cause an asbestos floor tile to break or bend. When a floor tile becomes broken, it can no longer be used. Here are a few tips to follow to protect your floor from asbestos contamination.

* Broken floor tiles can be discovered when they are being installed in a home. Although some tile installations are done by amateurs, others are more professional and the homeowner has done most of the work.

If you have been using the floor tile that has broken in your home for a while, it is not likely that you would notice it unless it happens to be located somewhere in the house that you don’t remember being there. Inspecting the surface regularly is recommended to prevent the occurrence of these types of asbestos contamination problems.

Asbestos Floor Tiles Broken

* Many individuals that install asbestos floors are under the misconception that it is the homeowner’s job to maintain them. Don’t be surprised if a previous owner left the floor tile exposed. It could be there for years.

* An asbestos floor tile that has been broken and re-installed is still contaminated with asbestos, even though it is being replaced. If it is re-installed, it could still contain asbestos.

* Always inspect the surface of a floor tile when it is being worked on. If you are not sure about where the tile is, be sure to ask the contractor who is working on it for verification.

* Many asbestos floor tiles come with a label that states that the tiles are “asbestos-free.” If the tile is being installed, make sure to wear gloves, eye protection, a respirator, and any other personal protective equipment that you deem necessary.

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* If an asbestos floor tile has been broken and re-installed, it is a good idea to check the area beneath the tile for any loose soil. Look for any loose soil that may have formed as a result of the actual construction.

* Once an asbestos floor tile has been broken and re-installed, a do-it-yourself project can be created. You will need a drill bit, a hammer, nails, and floor tile material.

* Once the floor tile has been placed and secured to the floor surface, it can be inspected again. Check for any possible hidden asbestos particles.

* Asbestos floor tiles that have been broken and re-installed should be removed as soon as possible and removed from the site. They should not be allowed to stay, and should be disposed of safely.

If an asbestos floor tile has been broken and re-installed, always inspect it before re-installing it. Follow the above recommendations for inspecting and protecting the asbestos tile from asbestos contamination.


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