Asbestos in Siding Shingles

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Asbestos in Siding Shingles, | All states require the removal of asbestos in siding shingles. Although some places are stricter than others and the EPA has implemented a national standard, every state has its own requirements for asbestos in siding shingles.

Most state regulations on asbestos for siding do not require the insulation to be replaced, nor do they require that the home is completely renovated in order to remove the hazardous material. If it is being used on a home that will remain habitable, it can be eliminated through a thorough clean up of the home and asbestos abatement.

Asbestos in Siding Shingles

There are two types of asbestos: Asbestaphydesil and chrysotile. Most people think of asbestos as a result of asbestos in the siding of a house, but asbestos fibers are also used in the manufacturing of building materials and products like carpet.

Asbestos in siding shingles or otherwise known as “asbestos shingles” is a hazard to the health of everyone who has contact with it. Even if a home is originally built prior to the days of asbestos siding, the presence of asbestos in the siding can be present.

All the asbestos fibers make asbestos fibers vulnerable to weathering. Some of these fibers can be so long and thin that they cannot be seen with the naked eye. The thinner the fibers are, the more susceptible they are to the elements.

How long does asbestos stay in the siding of a home? The amount of time will depend on the type of asbestos insulation, the temperature of the climate, and the amount of time the home has been lived in by humans.

Of course, the asbestos fibers themselves can last for years, or even decades, inthe siding of a home. Eventually, a buildup of these fibers in the shingles will be noticeable.

The Dangers of Asbestos in Siding of House

It is not possible to “clean” the asbestos out of a home due to the extensive amounts of asbestos that are contained in the insulation. Even if asbestos insulation is removed, this removal of asbestos will only affect the surface of the home.

Asbestos abatement companies are legally required to perform a thorough clean up of the home prior to starting the abatement process. Depending on the quality of work performed by these contractors, the home may still require some asbestos abatement after the house has been torn down.

It is highly unlikely that the home will need to be completely demolished, but there may be asbestos containing materials that were packed away that can be found after the house has been torn down. Before the cleanup begins, the asbestos removal company will conduct tests on the home to determine how much asbestos is inside of the home.

During the cleanup process, asbestos abatement workers will check the roof for asbestos and also will test for asbestos in the carpets. They may also use handheld scanning equipment to test the interior and exterior of the home.

The testing done during the cleanup process will determine if there is asbestos in the walls of the home, in the attic, in the flooring, and in the crawl space. If there is asbestos in the crawl space, the area will need to be sealed off so asbestos cannot be spread throughout the rest of the home.

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