What Year Was Asbestos Banned From Building Materials

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What Year Was Asbestos Banned From Building Materials, asbestosdefinition.com | The answer is not as straightforward as it may seem.

Asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral that dates back more than a century, was used to build many buildings. It was popular in the United States because of its strength, heat resistance and fire-retardant properties. But it also had the potential to cause cancer. While it was present in the environment, it was so prevalent that it was virtually impossible to see.

What Year Was Asbestos Banned From Building Materials
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In the early 1900s, the US government, environmental protection agencies and unions decided to ban the use of asbestos in building materials because of the hazards associated with it. One year later, the EPA issued the following statement, “asbestos is known to cause cancer; however, it has never been proven to cause Mesothelioma.”

As a result of the banning of asbestos, asbestos was banned from construction materials and home insulation. However, asbestos continued to be used for many years in industries such as ship building, railway maintenance, paper manufacture, electric wiring and flooring.

The real question, “What year was asbestos banned from building materials?” is dependent on which source you are using.

Some research shows that buildings made of asbestos were put up for sale in the early 1970s, a full year before the federal law banning the use of asbestos in building materials was put into effect. The books of many of these manufacturers, a few of which include Levi and Schwab, show that these manufacturers continued to use asbestos materials. A case involving asbestos was brought against one of these manufacturers in 1999.

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Another issue regarding this question is whether or not the EPA should have allowed asbestos to be listed as a potential carcinogen, but instead chose to ban it because they did not want to take all of the asbestos out of building materials. This seems unlikely because of the amounts of asbestos present in some building materials.

Today, there are some actual building materials that do contain asbestos. There are still some structural materials that contain asbestos, especially in older houses, but they are now being contained in different ways. This issue will continue to be researched.

Research on the rate of lung cancer claims has shown that there is a direct correlation between asbestos exposure and lung cancer. One year after the ban, an air quality test showed that asbestos was present in homes across the United States.

There is no real way to determine exactly what year was asbestos banned from building materials. However, there are those who believe that this particular type of material was banned because of the presence of asbestos in manufacturing plants and railways, where it was present in the mechanical components of these industries.

The debate continues over whether or not this material should have been banned, given that the public health reports have not been able to demonstrate any link between asbestos and the development of cancer. Other studies are claiming that there was no correlation between asbestos and cancer.

Unfortunately, what year was asbestos banned from building materials is something that has no concrete answer. There is evidence that it was banned, but there is also evidence that the ban did not make much of a difference.

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