Asbestos Tiles on Basement Floor

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Asbestos Tiles on Basement Floor, | Are you concerned about asbestos tiles in your basement? Make sure you do a bit of research before purchasing them, as some manufacturers are aware of the dangers and are not producing them at all.

In Germany, asbestos kitchen tiles are no longer manufactured, but that does not mean that you should not be cautious. You will still need to take steps to ensure that they are disposed of properly, but you will find that there are good options out there.

Asbestos Tiles on Basement Floor
Asbestos Tiles on Basement Floor By

Some companies in the UK have started recycling asbestos kitchen tiles. A few years ago, this was not an option, but now there are some companies producing them and you can benefit from them.

You should expect your homeowners insurance company to want to pay out the least amount possible, but a really good policy can pay out a percentage of the compensation. This means that you can claim thousands of pounds in compensation from the company you have been using. It can be worth talking to your insurance company about how you can make a claim.

Just because you know that you are in a house with asbestos kitchen tiles, does not mean that you can go about cleaning it up without the proper safety equipment. You need to keep all the necessary items in a safe place and also wear the right clothing. Do not touch any part of the tile or if you must use it, make sure you use gloves and goggles.

Before you start on the floor, try to find a high quality absorbent material, such as shredded newspaper or clear packing material. Use this material to wipe down the tiles and place it in a plastic bag and secure with tape. You then place the bags in the freezer until the tiles are completely frozen and firm.

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After havingit cleaned thoroughly with clean socks, remove it from the freezer and apply a new coat of absorbent material. This is the only way to be absolutely sure that you do not get it all over again when you work on the floor. There will mark where you have worked and will leave you with a very slippery surface.

Since the floor tiles will be subjected to extremely high temperatures for long periods of time, you will want to do it properly. It is recommended that you use an appropriate heating pad and do not rub your hands too hard.

Avoid moving them in any direction. Take your time when you are laying them down and use your judgement in regards to the position of them. You should also prepare the room by removing all the other heavy pieces of furniture and see that the floor can be carefully laid.

When you have your tiles ready, move them into place and lay them securely. If there is going to be a seam, be sure to smooth it out with a hammer and cover it with tape so you do not create a hole.

Your best bet is to hire someone to do the work for you, but you may be able to do it yourself on a short term basis, if you are comfortable with the job. Using a T-bar drill with a mild penetrating oil will help you to make fast, clean cuts.

As a great option, you could consider putting the flooring under a sanding machine and using a diamond-polishing compound. This is a very effective method to get rid of the fingerprints on the tiles and seal the seams as well.

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