Asbestos Tile in Basement – 5 Common Dangers

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5 Common Dangers With Asbestos Tile in Basement Walls, | There are many dangers with using asbestos tile in basement walls. Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral, so if you have more than one product made from this substance, you should be careful what products you put in your home.

If you think that you might have some of this asbestos tile or roofing around your home, here are the most common problems you might encounter. Keep reading to learn how to tell if your home has any asbestos tile or asbestos tiles in your basement.

Asbestos Tile in Basement

First, if you notice that the tile in your basement doesn’t have the same look as it did when you first installed it, there is a good chance that the manufacturer added an ingredient to it. Tile is cut and shaped differently, or a seam may have been added somewhere along the way. It could also be just an older tile that you don’t want to take off because it has an old look.

It isn’t impossible for you to find asbestos tile that is still in good shape or in good condition, but the chances are greater that it will look old and worn. When you do find this tile, the first thing you should do is throw it away because it is dangerous.

Second, if you notice that asbestos tile or roofing has been altered in any way, it is very dangerous. If you see that a joint has been glued or attached improperly, this could be an example of added damage done to the tile.

It is easy to see how asbestos tile can be dangerous, but a lot of people still use it, believing that they will be able to fix it later. They might not even know that they have been exposed to asbestos at the time.

Third, if you notice that asbestos tile in your basement is cracked or damaged, then this is even more dangerous. The tile that you saw may have been in there for a long time and there is a very good chance that it has changed.

Was Asbestos Used In Attic Insulation

When you apply a sealant, it could have been recently applied or it could have been applied years ago when you first bought the old tile. Once the sealant has been applied, you could notice that the cracks and damages aren’t quite as bad as they were when you first looked at them.

Fourth, if you see that the asbestos tile in your basement isn’t of good quality, this means that it will most likely need to be replaced. You can find tiles made from materials that are safer, and there are other options.

If you cannot afford to replace the tile yourself, it is wise to contact a professional. They should be able to remove the tile and inspect it before they tell you if you can do it yourself.

Fifth, if you notice that the tile in your basement has a lot of scratches or cracks, this could mean that something else is wrong. If you try to repair the file yourself, you are putting yourself at risk of being exposed to asbestos and exposing yourself to this dangerous material.

Anytime you replace the tile in your basement, it is important to remember to call a professional. This is another reason why it is important to make sure that you hire a licensed asbestos removal contractor when you replace the tile in your basement.

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