Asbestos Roof Paint – The Facts About This

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Asbestos Roof Paint – The Facts About This Form of Coating, | Asbestos roof paint is a great way to prolong the life of your old roof. Unfortunately, if asbestos roof paint is not properly applied or if it becomes cracked or frayed, it could quickly dissolve and become a health risk. This is why many property owners today to make sure that they apply roof coatings such as asbestos sealants and asbestos roof paint to their roofs. With so many different types of paint being offered, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

Asbestos Roof Paint

There are several things to consider when choosing an asbestos roof paint. The first thing to do is consider the type of asbestos roofing that you have. Types of asbestos roofing include drywall, fiberglass, asphalt and cellulose. All of these varieties have different health risks and therefore it is crucial to carefully consider each type. If your home or business uses any of these materials, it is absolutely crucial that you apply a high strength version of the material. This is particularly important for those roofs that are asphalt or have a clay base.

There are two types of asbestos roof paint on the market today; acrylic and solvent-based. Acrylic is by far the easiest type to apply. It can easily be applied by oneself, without any special equipment or training. As long as the surface to be painted is clean and dry, acrylic polymer can be applied effectively and thoroughly.

Solvent-based products come in a wide range of types. However, the most common types of sealants that are used to protect from the health hazards associated with asbestos are the common roof coatings asbestos-containing roof sealant, and the low-solvent, biocompatible asbestos flooring mastic. As the name suggests, asbestos-containing roof coatings are applied to the structure in order to prevent the building materials contained within it from flaking into the air. However, this type of sealant does not provide a barrier to airborne particles. It does, however, prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.

Initial Symptoms of Asbestos Exposure

If you would like to apply this type of sealant, you will first need to remove the existing roof coating. In many cases, this can be accomplished by simply scrubbing the tiles clean with water and a degreasing agent such as Murphy’s Oil Soap. When the tiles are clean and dry, you will then be able to apply the sealant. Once the appropriate amount has been applied, you can let it dry. As long as the sealant remains adhesive and can adhere to both the interior and exterior surfaces, you can easily apply the second coating of paint floor tiles over the first one.

A popular way that many people employ to protect their homes from the health risks present when using asbestos is by using a substance known as fiberlock. Fiberlock is a special type of coating sealant that was created specifically to combat the health hazards that come with asbestos exposure. Unlike typical forms of protection, however, fiberlock will not prevent the building materials contained within an asbestos building from coming into contact with the air. Instead, it will only act to capture any particles that come into contact with the sealant.

These particles, as well as any liquid or semi-solid material that comes into contact with the roof paint, can easily become airborne. By using a substance such as fiberlock, you can prevent these particles from spreading and remain attached to the surface for longer than traditional roof coatings. Because the particles will remain attached to the sealant, they will not flake off onto surrounding surfaces and leave a potentially dangerous residue.

Asbestos Related Diseases

Before beginning to apply this type of protection on your home or business, you should consult with a contractor experienced in asbestos removal. Depending on the type of asbestos roofing you have, asbestos removal may be required in order to ensure that your roof is properly sealed. However, if you have a chimney or other man-made structure located in your home or business, you should make sure that the contractor you hire specializes in asbestos removal. You should also inquire about whether the contractor works with this form of coating before you make asbestos roof paint application decisions. It is important to understand all of the details related to this form of protection before you begin protecting your home or business.

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